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Welcome to Nature’s Vibe!

We’re dedicated modern-day Medicine Women and Men with an immense passion for sharing the good vibes of natural healthcare. Our expertise coupled with our genuine desire to help is what has helped us develop a solid reputation as a place where you can not only get answers to your question but also the guidance you had hoped for and the product quality you need.

We’re a family-owned and staff energized holistic health center and store. A place where you can talk to a professional natural healthcare practitioner, grab a delicious and nutritious smoothie and empower yourself with our educational tools like our blog, lending library and popular wellness workshops.

We’ve carefully selected our large dispensary of vitamins, supplements, essential oils, herbs, and homeopathic remedies and partnered-up with local suppliers and farmers to bring you the best quality organic foods and grass-fed meats as part of a our unique organic food ordering system.

We seek to inspire you with our stories and to motivate you to attend our workshops, sign-up to our newsletter and visit us in-store. We’d love to connect with you and collaborate on your healing journey.

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Vitamin C for Skin Radiance We often think of popping Vitamin C to help ward off colds and flus, but did you know that this vitamin can play a key role in your skin care? [...]

Organic Matter Coconut Oil Shampoo

OM Organic Matter Shampoos & Conditioners Finally - a Canadian-made line of organic coconut oil shampoo and conditioner made with high-quality organic ingredients, essential oils and free from toxins!  This line is vegan, GMO, gluten [...]

Heilkunst: Putting health back in YOUR hands

Often times when we feel sick, in pain, or just generally out of balance, we can feel helpless or stuck.  In some ways, traditional Western medicine seems to encourage us to hand our power over [...]

3 Reasons to Get Your Chocolate Fix

At Nature's Vibe we carry high-quality, organic chocolate bars and raw cacao nibs and powder. Why is this important?  Because dark chocolate is actually a super-food!  It's would basically be irresponsible not to eat [...]

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