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Welcome to Nature’s Vibe Natural Health Care and the Heilkunst office of Natalie Friese, located in Cambridge, Ontario.

“Heilkunst” is the art & science of wholeness. 

Natural healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated.

YES, you can heal and learn to trust yourself again.

The key to true well-being is to understand what your body is trying to say and what it’s asking for.

What is Heilkunst?

Heilkunst is an internationally renowned, 200 year old, natural health care system
focused on achieving whole health through holistic nutrition, homeopathy, detoxification and mindfulness.

The highest purpose of Heilkunst is to transform disease into greater health through education and self-discovery.
Heilkunst helps you reconnect with YOU – regardless of your medical condition.

This means that not only will you receive guidance for natural health remedies and lifestyle optimization,
you’ll learn to understand things like:

✔ How the body and its systems function on a dynamic level
✔ What nutrients depletions may be causing your symptoms
✔ What occurrences your past are causing blockages to cure
✔ How to transform your thoughts to maximize your results






Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

Chiropractic Care

Mind-Body Medicine

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching


Hi! I’m Natalie Friese, Founder of Nature’s Vibe and The Dynamis Institute.

I’ve spent decades working with people from all over Canada and the world, practicing and teaching Heilkunst & Homeopathy. I want to help you to take charge of your health through restoring your relationship to Nature so that you can experience the highest level of serenity.

In fact, that’s why I now call my consultations “Inner Piece Sessions”!

When you start to connect the dots and find meaning in what you’re going through, you experience a tremendous amount of stress-relief.

I want to help you naturally restore your energy and willpower so that you can take conscious action toward improving your health and restoring your peace of mind.


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