About Nature’s Vibe Natural Health Care

In 2012, Natalie Friese and her family opened the doors to a vibrant local natural health food store in the quaint town of Cambridge, Ontario (Canada). For years, Nature’s Vibe served tens of thousands of local community members, acting as a guiding light for the ever-evolving world of natural healthcare and ensuring access to organic and ethically, sustainably-sourced foods. Dozens of natural healthcare practitioners joined the team to form one of the largest natural health care centers in the region. A safe, loving and dynamic environment was created by the awe-inspiring collaboration of family members, staff, practitioners, farmers, manufacturers and volunteers.

Over the years, it became increasingly clear to Natalie that Heilkunst (whole healing) education was what could create the change she wanted to see in the world.

“Although I loved that people could come to us with any issue and request, I felt a growing concern that there was a increasing degree of reliance rather than self-sovereignty.” ~ Natalie Friese, DHHP

In 2020, she founded the Dynamis Institute for Heilkunst, Homeopathy and Consciousness Studies. To focus her energy on this, she’s since closed the store and, most recently, the multi-room natural health care centre and taken her practice and school to an international level, online. 

“I am ever-so grateful for the astonishing dedication to our cause by our stakeholders and the level of loyalty from our clients has left me in absolute reverence. This experience was truly humbling and I will forever remember the generosity of all. Having seen the results of amazing people working together, I now know what it takes to accomplish great things. I can honestly say that I have seen what natural healthcare can do for thousands of different medical conditions through a myriad of different remedies and therapies. I feel moved to share with you the stories and knowledge that I have accumulated through this so that you may be able to confidently take your health into your own hands.”

When she’s not traveling and speaking, Natalie enjoys her time at home in Cambridge with her family and friends, spending much time writing or in her garden. She enjoys continuing to nurture the local community through her private practice, mentorships and local & online workshops.

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We welcome all who are currently on a healing path, looking to educate themselves and to take an active role in helping their body return to optimal health.  It is with gratitude that we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wellness journey.

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