Natalie Friese, DHHP
Heilkunst & Sequential Homeopathy
Doctor of Medical Heilkunst
Nature’s Vibe & The Dynamis Institute, Founder

“Taking charge of your health begins with taking the first step on the journey to natural healing; this is not only an opportunity for developing great health, but also very much for spiritual growth and personal development.”

Natalie Friese is the passionate and profoundly dedicated owner and founder of Nature’s Vibe and the Dynamis Institute; she is a highly knowledgeable and experienced natural health care practitioner, intuitive healer, and spiritual teacher. She has earned diplomas in Homeopathic Medicine, Medical Heilkunst, and Dynamic Nutrition as well as certificates in multiple healing modalities such as German New Medicine, Reiki, and Total Body Modification.

Natalie’s career in Natural Health started early on in her life, motivated by Homeopathy saving her twin sister’s life.  She is now a renowned Canadian natural health industry expert and has worked with many professional supplement brands to help formulate product lines, write training manuals, and to mentor their teams.

She is a published writer, an inspirational speaker, and a passionate natural health educator. In 2020, she founded The Dynamis Institute to teach Heilkunst and help others reach true health sovereignty.

Natalie’s holistic healing practice focuses largely on empowering her clients to heal and on mind-body medicine. She works with those who are looking to expand their conscious awareness.  She credits much of her clinical success to really taking the time to listen, care, and educate.

Natalie works with clients internationally (virtually) and in person in Cambridge (by request and referral).

What can I expect from Consultations with Natalie?

Each session will revolve around the following:

✔ Mind-body-spirit assessment

✔ Lifestyle & nutrient depletion evaluation

✔ Blockages to cure discussion

✔ Mindfulness and consciousness exercises

✔ Remedy & supplement recommendations

What are the session fees?

“Inner Piece” Heilkunst Sessions $225 (90 mins virtual or by phone)

Heilkunst Remedy Sessions $113 CAD (30 mins by phone)

Do you offer packages?

1:1  Consultation Package  available, 6-month commitment (education + treatment)

Monthly Sessions + Mentorship & Education Package $300 CAD/month