Candace Hawkshaw
Energy Worker

Meet Candace

Candace has always been connected to Mother Earth. She grew up on a farm and always was playing and being outside. Nature is still her safe place. She is a mother of 3 daughters, a grandmother of 10 grandchildren and a great grandmother of 1 great granddaughter.

Most of her life she was in the corporate world doing those cool things such as information systems manager, key punch operator and office manager. She loved her jobs and was very good at them. She loved to teach her team how to be the best they could be and helped them grow in their positions and themselves. She was in a serious almost fatal car accident in 1995. Her life changed after that. She was guided to learn meditation, Reflexology and then Reiki. She feels Reiki saved her life. Reflecting now and looking back at her behaviours, she feels she had some form of trauma which spun her into change. Six months after the major accident, she was struck again after just dropping her kids off at school. She was not herself and wasn’t sure where to turn. She found a Reiki teacher who taught her Reiki. This opened her eyes like never before. It was like she was reborn and there was so much love. She then became a Reiki Master so she could share this love with others. Reiki helped her heal some of that trauma. She quit her corporate job, left the city and moved to a small town near Lake Huron and continued her spiritual journey. She taught Reiki and worked at a Spa.

Life changed again and she moved back to the city. For survival she was grateful she had all her skills and was hired as an office manager for a construction contract and then an office manager for a refurbishment project.

When those projects were complete, she moved back to the city and opened up a wellness studio. She traveled to England and to Hana Maui to learn two other systems of Reiki, Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki. She closed her studio after a few years and became mobile.

She then became a Metaphysical Minister in 2017 and proceeded to graduate with honors in the Native Child and Family Services program in 2022.

Candace now has a space at Nature’s Vibe and is welcoming new and old clients.

Candace uses a variety of modalities in her practice, and takes a holistic approach to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual creating balance and harmony. She uses the following techniques:

  • Reiki/ Energy Work
  • Mindfulness Meditations
  • Spirituality sessions
  • Black Pearl Sessions
  • Soul Transformation Sessions
  • Stress Management
  • Walks in Nature
  • 1:1 Mentoring
  • Reflecting and reassessing: Regularly reflect on your progress and adjust your plan as
    needed. Celebrate your successes and be kind to yourself when faced with setbacks.

It’s important to be patient, persistent, and kind to yourself throughout this process. Remember that change takes time and effort, but the rewards can be significant.

What Does a Facilitator for Change Sessions Look Like?

Facilitator for Change is a private and confidential session. The room is comfortable, peaceful and safe. The facilitator listens to your story. Together you will discover your strengths, your experiences, and your goals. Some deep emotions may get stirred up, we will look at those and be curious together on where those are rooted from. We carry many imprints, beliefs and values that may not be our own any longer. It can get confusing and sometimes hard to shift into your new ways of being you. We will discover some parts of you that you may have pushed away, that’s okay, it happens. We will rediscover them together.

How Much Do Sessions Cost?

Reiki sessions are 90 minutes $125
Black Pearl sessions are 90 minutes $150
1:1 Sessions for mentoring $90 minutes $200
Soul Realignment Akashic Readings – $150
Reiki Couples Session 90 minutes – $150
All levels of Reiki certifications – ranging from $150 to $850

If you are interested in learning more about working with Candace, schedule a $20 for a 15-minute consultation or 90 minutes consultation for $200. During this consultation you will share what your goals are or you may share your story. We will discover together and see if we resonate and then decide if we will start working together. If I am not able to assist you, I will find you the resources that may help.

Is Reiki or the Other Modalities Covered by Insurance?

Check your benefit plan to confirm that this service is covered. If you do not see Reiki or counselling or the other modalities in your benefits, contact your HR department to ask if it can be added to your package.

If you are ready to get to work today, you can book a full session with Candace Hawkshaw at the button below:

Please note:  Candace Hawkshaw is an independent contractor. The services listed on our website does not signify a joint venture, partnership,  employer/employee relationship or any other relationship between Candace Hawkshaw and Nature’s Vibe, except that of two independent contracting parties. Candace Hawkshaw agrees that she is not and shall not represent herself to be an employee of Nature’s Vibe for any purpose and shall not incur any obligations nor make any promise or representation on behalf of the same.