congestion or food sensitivityT’is the season for colds and flu and stuffy noses. I not due to a cold. It could be a food sensitivity.

Food sensitivity vs “normal” congestion

Do you constantly wake up and have to blow your nose? Have people started calling you “Sniffles”? Do you carry an endless supply of Kleenexes in your car or purse?

In holistic nutrition we know that sinus issues often relate to food.  Food sensitivities can manifest in many different ways (indigestion, rashes, headaches), but also sinus congestion, runny nose, even progressing into sinus infections.

When people think of food sensitivities they are more apt to consider digestive complaint (indigestion, bloating), but respiratory problems, such as a stuffy nose are also very common.

Food sensitivities cause inflammation in your body and an inflamed body will produce mucous to rid itself of the substance (food item) it sees as “the problem”.

If you suffer with sinus problems and regularly use nasal sprays or antihistamines, you may be experiencing a sensitivity to food, food additive or chemical.  Identifying and eliminating the culprit can bring an end to your sinus suffering.

I offer sensitivity testing that is non-intrusive (it doesn’t hurt!), highly accurate, and provides timely results. Good-bye stuffy nose!!

Common foods that can cause mucus production include wheat, dairy, bananas and peanuts. Every body is different; I highly recommend everyone treats themselves like so and seeks food sensitivity testing.

I can also recommend various natural remedies to help your body cleanse out the mucus, such as homeopathic UNDA remedies, probiotics and herbs.

Knowing what foods impact your health (both positively or negatively) is an important step to a better, sniffle-free health.

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By Ruth Thompson, Holistic Nutritionist