First CleanseDon’t fret my pet – cleansing doesn’t have to be scary!


Don’t worry!! You don’t have to go on the grapefruit juice or cabbage soup diet, nor suffer through headaches, tiredness or foggy brain in order to effectively cleanse. You can absolutely go to work; lose that fear of getting stuck in the restroom wondering why on earth you decided to cleanse in the first place.
When most people start cleansing, they go ‘all the way’, thinking they’re taking the quick and easy route. Enthusiasm is admirable, but trust us when we say that small steps are safer.

If you’re not an avid cleanser, your organs of elimination are likely not functioning at their best; trying to push them to perform beyond their means is like asking a casual jogger to sprint the 100 meter in the Olympic games – not a recipe for success! 

We recommend you consider a slow start – with the training wheels on!

First Cleanse from Renew Life uses herbs and vitamins to stimulate a gentle cleanse over 15 days.

Homeopathic cleanse kits like UNDA’S Stress & Insomnia Kit allow the body to repair itself by improving the function of the organs of elimination slowly and naturally. This company also offers kits for digestive care, liver & kidney cleansing and even immune support.

Both options are effective, but how do you know which one is right for you? Come visit us at the store so we can help you find your best cleansing option. We’ve got cleanse kits for beginners, and even the most seasoned of cleansers.

You can also talk about cleansing with Ruth Thompson, our Holistic Nutritionist or with myself (Natalie Lauzon , Homeopathic Doctor). 

We’re here to help!