Green Food

Get your Green on

We hear this word increasingly often these days – that they are essential for our health and wellbeing.  

We read article after article directing us to eat our green vegetables and to make sure that we are including a variety of leafy greens into our daily diets.  

Back to Basics 

Grens are quite possibly one of the most underestimated nutritional gems out there – and that we could all greatly help improve our health and our day-to-day quality of life by simply consuming more greens. 

From a sheer nutritional standpoint, greens are where it’s at!  

Alkalizing The Body

Not only are they loaded with a plethora of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients – they are both cleansing and alkalizing to the body (which is also known as your body’s pH level).   

When the body is in an acidic state, we can begin to see undesirable symptoms including chronic inflammation, which is associated with the potential for imbalance and disease to set in.  

However, a more alkaline body is much less likely to be chronically inflamed and is conducive to optimal health, repair and healing.  Balancing our body’s pH can also help with weight loss, fortifying the immune system and vastly increasing daily energy, strength and stamina levels. 

Greens for Energy

One of the biggest complaints that health care practitioners see these days, is a lack of  energy.  

A lack of energy as well as feeling chronically lethargic and tired are common issues. This is not surprising given the fast pace of most of our lives, coupled with less than adequate nutrition and significant levels of stress. 

Think about it for a moment – the one similarity that can be seen across all types of diets from the Ketogenic craze to Veganism, Medeterrian, Paleo and more: The fact that all of these diets emphasize the important role that greens play and that these foods are encouraged to be enjoyed as often as possible.

The vitamin and mineral content in dark leafy greens are out of this world and these nutrients promote energy by providing the body with the co-factors that it requires to fuel the process of energy production on the cellular level.  

They are also rich in chlorophyll, the pigment that colors the leaves of vegetables green.  Among many other benefits, chlorophyll can purify the blood, neutralize toxins and regulate cholesterol levels.   

Green Deficient 

So it is abundantly clear that greens are a crucial part of maintaining our health but why is it that so many of us simply are not getting enough?  

With our fast paced and hectic lives (in between demanding work schedules, soccer practices, appointments and other social obligations), the vast majority of us struggle to find the time to include enough of these fresh greens (including kale, spinach and broccoli) into each and every meal.  

We have the best of intentions but the follow-through becomes difficult. 

Also, most of us don’t keep things like beet greens, alfalfa, and wheat grass on hand so it is harder to get that variety of different greens daily through food alone.  

Get More Greens the Easy Way

At Nature’s Vibe we completely understand that the struggle is real! 

We are pleased to offer clean, easily digestible fermented organic freeze-dried powdered greens formulas that promise to make adding more of these wonderfully nutritious game-changers to your diet as easy as scoop, blend, sip!  

They are free of pesticides, artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives as well as other undesirable allergens that don’t belong in our food.

These powders offer all of the nutritional benefits of greens in a super convenient, easy and fast-to-use format. They are ideal to add into your daily morning shake or cold pressed juice. With flavors like tropical fruit, they can even be added to water for a refreshing nutrient filled drink, providing you what your body needs to help boost energy and stamina.

Simple Steps for Lasting Solutions

One of the most effective changes that we can make for ourselves really comes down to the choices that we make regarding what we prioritize to include and disclude in our daily diets.

A whole food diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and  that is optimal in balancing the body’s PH levels is especially beneficial to our overall health, while helping to reduce inflammation.  

Food is medicine and every time we eat we are either choosing to fuel the body or feed the disease.  

So much can be said about the value of our diet including a good quality powdered greens. 

We look forward to seeing you in the Nature’s Vibe Store & Clinic to help you choose the greens product that is right for you and your busy life!

Tanya Church, BA, HON, RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist