What is Heilkunst?

(Heil “Whole” Kunst “Health”)

Heilkunst an internationally renowned natural health system established over 200 yrs ago by the founder of Homeopathy, German physician, Samuel Hahnemann. The highest purpose of Heilkunst is to transform disease into greater health by the way of self-discovery (or self-help). The process involves sequential homeopathy to stimulate the body to heal itself from trauma. Heilkunst in Cambridge Ontario is offered by Natalie Friese, owner of Nature’s Vibe Natural Health Centre.

~ The only true knowledge, is self-knowledge~

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Natalie Friese

To achieve whole health, this alternative system addresses 3 key areas of health:

1.  Regimen: Nutrition & Detoxification

This area involves support your body’s ability to heal through diet, lifestyle, nutrition, hydration, sleep and exercise.  Individualized protocols are recommended based on your needs and often, vitamins & supplement are suggested to address depletions causing certain symptoms and imbalances that lead to disease.  Homeopathic remedies may be used for gentle cleansing and detoxification (ex: UNDA remedies) to support organ function and repair.

2.  Medicine:  Sequential Homeopathy & Trauma Release

In Heilkunst, true disease is a result of a type of violation or injury, caused from a shock or trauma. This stimulates the body’s natural defenses and symptoms result as response to trying to keep the body in balance.


Physical Injury:  Falls and Blows, Concussions, Broken Bones, Surgery, Fetal Distress, Electric Shock, X-rays

Toxicity:  Antibiotics, Hormones, Chemotherapy, Vaccinations, Prescription Drugs, Recreational Drugs, Steroids

Emotional Stress:  Loss, Abandonment, Abuse, Fear, Anger, Humiliation, Shame

The body should be able to restore and re-establish health, naturally. If this does not occur, this can mean that the shock/trauma has generated a continuous disease state within the bioenergetic body. A homeopathic remedy must be used to release that shock and to stimulate a healing reaction (further repair).

3.  Therapeutic Education

The third area is the field of mind-body medicine. Here we discuss various messages from the body as well as factors that could be impacting your path to cure and blockages in your conscious evolution.

This could be:

  • Issues with your life purpose/path
  • Feeling disconnected from intuition
  • Inability to overcome negative belief systems, fears and phobias
  • Self sabotage and destructive actions and thought patterns
  • Operating out from a fear-based consciousness
  • Recurrent emotional themes from trauma
  • Genetic patterns and wounds

By becoming increasingly aware of these elements, you gain freedom and the ability to heal is enhanced.

How Can Heilkunst Help Me?

Heilkunst helps you connect with YOU – regardless of your medical condition. Its focus is to help you become more conscious of your choices and to provide you with the tools to wholly heal- your body, mind & spirit.

Heilkunst can help expand your consciousness so you can heal yourself:

  • Emotional distress and intuitive disconnect
  • Chronic and recurrent infections
  • Endocrine and hormonal imbalances
  • Genetic disorders
  • Inflammatory and degenerative disorders
  • Physical trauma (concussion, surgery, vaccine/drug recovery, dental work, heavy metal exposure)

I am already seeing a practitioner, why should I try Heilkunst?

Most clients who find themselves seeking Heilkunst treatment are either currently under the care of another natural healthcare practitioner (Naturopath, Homeopath, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Physiotherapy, Massage, etc) and are looking for something complimentary to address the trauma  & mind-body causes.  Natalie can work closely with any natural healthcare practitioner to make sure your treatments are in sync for ultimate healing.

Is Heilkunst covered by insurance?

Though Heilkunst is not currently covered by many conventional insurance plans, you may find some coverage if you have a “healthcare spending account”.  Most clients invest in their Heilkunst treatment plan as a part of their journey for self-healing over many years.