Holidays got you “bummed-up”?SONY DSC
Most of us, especially women, know what I mean by “the post-holiday digestive mayhem” that is a result of eating foods that you’re not used to indulging in. The unfortunate consequence is unnecessary suffering from constipation for at least a week, for some, but can last up to a few weeks for others.
We eat more bread products, fats, meats and sugars than our bodies can handle, and no matter how much we restrain ourselves we can’t seem to avoid indulging in more pies, turkey, stuffing, dinner rolls, cakes and cookies than we ever intended to.

Some continue this cycle passed the New Year and that’s usually when we’ll see people’s immune systems, not just their guts, suffer as well (roughly 70% of your immune system is in your gut…uh oh)!

So now you’re constipated and gassy. Your body feels lazy and tired despite your fresh New Year motivation being strong and uplifting. What CAN you do to really move forward and convince your gut to do the same?

In comes probiotics! Yes, they seem to be constantly making an appearance in the media these days… but they are honestly the best way to repair your internal “septic system” that’s been backed up!

A probiotic’s job is to supply good intestinal flora…to clean up the gut!

You’ll want to grab a multi-strain probiotic (not just Acidophilus) in order to make sure you cover your bases. Don’t bother loading up on yogurt either, that’ll only clog things up even more. You need real human strain probiotics in that gut of yours, not dairy.

A couple of capsules per day of a good quality probiotic can restore digestive harmony in just a few days. Don’t wait, load’er up.

Come visit us at Nature’s Vibe to learn more about probiotics and gut health. If you’re really feeling the post-holiday blahs, consider booking a consultation with Ruth Thompson, Holistic Nutritionist.