Beard oil – The new MANLY “trend”!diy beard oil

Did you know men have been oiling their beards since the beginning of…well…beards?

We even have one customer who comes in with his grand-father’s pre-war recipe book to follow a family tradition! Another awesome guy who comes in says he makes beard oil for all of his biker buddies. This certainly isn’t a NEW thing; beards have come back in to style, and the oil is simply a necessity for good grooming!

A well-oiled beard means less dry itchy skin, no more stray hairs, and encourages a better grow!

Beard oil generally consists of two main components: a base made of carrier oil, followed by a man’s preferred essential oil blend for achieving various results.

The most popular carrier oils for this are jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and argan oil.

The seemingly preferred and ‘beardly’ essential oils include cedar, bergamot, sandlewood and rosemary – though each man may have different goals and may want to customize their blend.

Come on in to check out the oils! We’ll show you exactly what you need to make that beard look gorgeous darling! Just gorgeous!